Are You Ready to Be UNreasonable?

by Gladys Diaz


I have been thinking about you non-stop for the past few days, so I took a few moments to shoot this quick video!

It includes an exciting announcement and a quick training on what you can do to be UNreasonable and stop letting your reasons stand you in your way of experiencing the life and love your heart desires!

This is powerful, life-changing information!  

Just click the image below and create a breakthrough in your life TODAY!


If you want different results, need to break through your resistance, your reasons, and excuses!

Let the message of this video really speak to you and then take action today!

Then email me and let me know which action you are taking today!


Love Resolution Social Media Pic FINAL

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Commitment vs. Fear: Size DOES Matter!

by Gladys Diaz

heart and meter-106419_1280_bing

There are some instances when bigger doesn’t necessarily mean “better.” There are, however, times when size does matter, and one of the most important is when it comes to commitment.

When you make a commitment – to yourself, your partners, or anyone with whom you in a relationship – there are going to be times when you feel your commitment – your resolve – is shaken.

It’s during these times – times of upset, disappointment, and uncertainty – that you need to ask yourself:

What I am I truly committed to?


Unless your commitment is bigger than your fear, you’ll stop yourself from making choices and taking steps that are outside of your comfort zone.

Unless your commitment is bigger than your feelings, you’ll quit the moment you feel upset, sad, or disappointed.

And, unless your commitment is bigger than your ego, you’ll run in the other direction at the first sign that things are not going the way you thought they would.


When it comes to making changes in your life, your commitment MUST be bigger than any fear, doubt, or feeling you may have.


In relationships, commitment is the industrial-strength duct tape that holds things together during times of struggle and uncertainty. Because they involve someone aside from yourself, it can be difficult to let down your guard and trust someone else to enter into and take care of your heart. It can be terrifying at times to know that you can’t control the other person; what he wants, says, or does; or whether or not he feels the same way about you.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to walk with faith and to do what you say you are committed to, even when there isn’t agreement for or any evidence that what you want will actually happen.

In fact, when it comes to relationships, it takes a daily – sometimes even a moment-by-moment – willingness to recommit time and time again.


I want you think about your love life right now and ask yourself the question:

What am I really committed to creating in my love life?


If you are single, and your commitment is to attract and create an extraordinary relationship, or you are in a relationship – whether things are going well or you feel that things are falling apart – and your commitment is to create and live in an extraordinary relationship, then ask yourself:

  • What steps am I taking every day that honor my commitment?
  • What evidence is there in my life that I am honoring my commitment?
  • What am I going to do or say to myself when I don’t feel like or want to honor my commitment, so that I can recommit?
  • Who am I going to ask to be my partner in supporting and holding me accountable to honoring my commitment?

Without a plan and concrete actions steps, your dreams and goals are nothing but wishes that may or may not come true…someday… maybe.

However, when you make a commitment that inspires, fills, and calls you into taking real, concrete, daily steps that are aligned with that commitment, you truly can create the life and love your heart desires!

For those of you who are ready NOW to truly commit to creating the relationship of your dreams, we invite you to join us for the 2015 Love Resolution Workshop.

At this workshop, you will:

  • Distinguish and release the fears, doubts, resentment and regrets of the past
  • Create a Love Resolution that inspires you and calls you into action
  • Develop an action plan that will have you living and experiencing your Love Resolution every day of 2015


Discounted Pricing ends Saturday, January 17th. After that, ticket prices will go to full-price!


Want to REALLY ensure your success? Come with a friend! We’ve made it easy for you!

Both you and a friend can attend the workshop together for almost 50% off the regular price!

THAT’S how committed we are to you having the life and the love your heart desires this year!

Now, how committed are you?


Join us for the 2015 Love Resolution Workshop and begin making 2015 The Year of Love and Dreams Come True for YOU!

Yes, Your Dreams CAN Come True!

by Gladys Diaz

If your inbox is anything like mine, you have been flooded with emails and videos over the past few days about how to make 2015 your year!

I don’t know how you’ve been receiving the messages, but each time I receive one of them, I affirm, “Yes, it is! My dreams are coming true!”

Did you notice how I stated those affirmations using positive words and in present tense?

Those are just two of the keys to anchoring a statement regarding a goal, dream, or resolution so that you are already living into making it come true!

Click on the image below to watch a video Michelle shot for you from one of her dreams come true and read on to learn more about the keys to making a goal or resolution a reality!


Key #1: State your goal, dream, or resolution using positive words.

Did you notice how Michelle said, “Someday I’m gonna’ come back”?

She didn’t say, “Someday I hope I can come back,” or “I wish I could come back someday.” She said, “I’m gonna’ come back!” And that’s exactly what she did!

When we state a goal, resolution or affirmation using positive words – words that focus on what we do want, rather than on what we don’t want or are afraid might happen or not happen, our mind grabs onto, or “anchors,” that statement and translates it into a command.

See, your brain believes what you tell it to believe. If you continuously feed it fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, resentments and regrets, that’s what it will grab onto and make happen. It’s why you may be wondering why it is that certain people and situations keep showing up and repeating themselves in your life.

Making a dream or a resolution a reality begins with believing that it can happen. And, sometimes, that means repeating the statement over and over again until you actually begin to believe what you keep telling yourself.


Key #2: State your goal, dream, or resolution in the present tense, as if it is already happening!

Rather than saying, “Maybe one day I will find someone and have a good relationship” declare what will happen: “Someday, I will have the relationship of my dreams!”

Want to make your statement even more powerful? State it as if it is already happening: I am creating the relationship of my dreams!

This may seem “woo-woo,” like wishful thinking, or as if you are lying to yourself…

Let me be clear.

When you are telling yourself things like, “There is something wrong with me,” or “Maybe I’m just not meant to be in a happy relationship,” or “There’s no way this relationship will ever get better,” you are lying to yourself!

And, what’s worse, not only are you affirming what you don’t want, but you are believing it!

Retraining your brain to create, declare, and manifest what you want takes some “rewiring,” but it’s not that difficult to do, once you know the steps to take.

These are just 2 of the keys you’ll learn about on how to manifest your goals and resolutions during the 2015 Love Resolution Workshop we’ll be hosting on January 24, 2015, and it’s why we want you to join us!

You’ll also learn other keys, such as how to create a vision of what you want your love life to be like and how to plan for success, so that you are living your resolution every day of 2015!

This will be a wonderful, life-changing experience, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

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One of our goals for 2015 is:

We are helping thousands of women around the world attract, create, and experience the life and love their hearts desire!

And we want you to be part of us making that resolution a reality!

Register now and let us know that you’re going to be part of us realizing our resolution!

Can’t wait to see you there!


Questions? Comments? Let us know below! We love hearing from you!

3 Steps to Realizing Your Love Resolutions

by Gladys Diaz

First, I want to point out that there is a good reason why I look like a wet duck in the video below!

This morning, I was committed to going for a run, even though it’s New Year’s Eve and I would have much more preferred to have slept  in a lot longer!  However, I made a New Year’s Resolution a few weeks ago (Yes, I know I was a bit early, but why wait?), so I held myself accountable and went out for a run.

Not .25 miles into the 4-mile run, it began to rain… hard.

Immediately, fears, doubts, and excuses started going CRAZY in my head.

It’s raining too hard…

I should go back home…

I’m going to get sick…

It was amazing to me just how quickly I was ready to find a reason to justify not honoring my commitment when something unexpected happened! 

And it got me thinking about how today and in the next few days you and millions of people will be making New Year’s Resolutions that probably (sadly) won’t last beyond a month — or even a week, simply because they haven’t planned on what to do when stuff (a.k.a. life) happens!

So, at mile 3, when it finally stopped raining, I sat down on a soaking wet bench and shot a quick video message just for you on 3 steps you can take to make sure you realize your resolution, even when something unexpected happens!

Click below to watch this short video!

Michelle and I will be taking you through these 3 steps at the Love Resolution Workshop we are hosting on January 24th in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  

In this workshop you will:

  • Break through any hidden barriers that are standing in the way of you either attracting or manifesting even more love in your life and relationships
  • Create a clear and solid vision of what you want to experience in your love life and relationships in 2015
  • Develop an action plan that will have you living into and experiencing that vision throughout 2015!
  • Plus, a few surprises!

Remember that today is the last day you and your friends can register at the current Early Bird price, so…

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Wishing you lots of love and an amazing and Happy New Year!


P.S. You really do have the power to make 2015 the most extraordinary year yet! Join us for the Love Resolution Workshop and let’s get started on making 2015 The Year of Love and Dreams Come True for YOU!


Comments?  Questions? Let us know below! We love hearing from you!

Easy Ways to Love Through the Holidays

by Gladys Diaz

Christmas Tree Pic_love-hope-peace-joy2

During the next few weeks, many of us will be celebrating a variety of different holidays. This time of the year can be very stressful if we are not intentional about handling all of the events, tasks, and celebrations with love. grace, and ease!

Since I don’t want to add too much more to your “Holiday To-Do List,” I came up with a short-but-sweet list of things you can do to get through the holidays feeling love, peace, and joy! Whether you are single or in a relationship, you’ll want to have this list handy during the next few weeks!


If You’re Single During the Holidays…

The holidays can feel especially lonely, if you don’t have someone special to share them with. It can seem like everyone else has someone to cuddle and laugh with. You may be attending parties and events where there are couples and not too many (if any) singles present, and you may hear that ever-dreaded question about when you plan to settle down, get married, and start a family!

If you’re single during the holidays, here are some things that can help you get through them with hope and a smile!

  • Accept as many invitations as possible for dates, holiday parties and social events. While what you really want is to share these days with that someone special, it’s helpful to surround yourself with family and friends who make you smile and bring out the best in you. Plus, you never know who you are going to meet at your cousin’s tacky sweater party or the last-minute holiday work party you were invited to. Resist the urge to want to be alone (unless you need to take a break), and accept as many invitations as possible. This goes for dates, too! Some people are “selective” about who they will see and spend time with during the holidays. While you may not want to bring someone you don’t know very well to your family gathering, going to a party or put to dinner is a great way to have fun and get to know someone new! (Plus, as I said before… you never know!)


  • Plan some girls’ nights out with your friends. Aside from attending events solo or with a date, be intentional about spending time with your girlfriends. Whether they are single or in relationships, I promise you that everyone wants to disconnect and just have fun for the sake of having fun! Don’t wait until the last minute, since it may take some creative thinking to have everyone arrange their schedules. Also, let your friends know that this is your way of creating a new holiday tradition that is stress-free, feminine, and fun!


If You’re in a Relationship During the Holidays…

Sharing the holidays with someone is nice, but it can also bring about feelings of stress, especially if you’re trying to create time to spend with two families! It can be even more stressful if you are not close to or don’t have a great relationship with your partner’s family.

If you are married or in a relationship during the holidays, here are some things that can help you get through them feeling closer to your partner!

  • Remember that your partner may want to be with his family just as much as you’d like to be with yours. It can be tricky to fit in time to be with both families over a short amount of time, especially if one or both families don’t live in your city or the same city. Create a plan together, but, rather than telling him what you “should do,” let him know what you would like to do and then ask him what he’d like to do. See if there is a way to create a win-win situation. If in-person visiting isn’t possible, then plan a video chat family reunion, where you can all share some treats as you speak over Skype or Facetime. Block out enough time so that no one feels rushed and you can really connect with one another. If you’ve sent and received gifts from distant family members, plan to open them when you’re on camera so that you can enjoy the moment together!


  • Remember to share some “couple time.” Let’s be honest. Being with family and in-laws can be really stressful. Make some time to disconnect from the crowd and just share some alone time with your partner. If you’re visiting with or having family visit you, consider that you may have some readily available babysitters to watch the kids or pets so that the two of you can sneak away for a romantic walk or dinner! Plan your time for when the kids will be sleeping so that you don’t have rush back and you can stay out as long as you like with your honey!


Whether You Are Single or In a Relationship.

  • Remember to put yourself at the top of your holiday list. Take time to practice self-care by scheduling time to relax and replenish your mind, body, and soul. Yes, it’s the season for giving, but you need to give to yourself, too. If you are going to be traveling to visit family members, bring some of your favorite books and music with you, and see if there is a gym nearby where you can exercise to get some of those endorphins moving! This also gives you a reason to spend some time alone, especially if being with family is becoming a bit too much to handle (Don’t feel guilty… We all have that one – or two, or three – family member we need a time out from!)  Also remember to ask for help if you need it. This will help you feel more grateful and less exhausted (and resentful), and gives others a chance to do something for you, too!


  • Be Present. Getting caught up in all of the activities, visits, and shopping can actually rob you of actually BEing with your loved ones. If you’re hosting the holiday get-together, don’t worry about planning out every single moment of the day. Allow for everyone (including yourself) to have some downtime. As you’re sitting around the table, take a moment to really look at and appreciate each person in the room. If you find yourself getting irritable or feeling exhausted, take a time out so that you can recharge (see the tip above) and so that you can really BE with the people you love!


  • Begin thinking about what you’d like your love life and relationship to look like in 2015. As we begin to close out this year and move into next year, take a moment to take inventory of your love life.


If you’re single, ask yourself –

  • What do I want my experience of dating to be like?
  • What do I want the experience of being in a relationship to be like?
  • What kind of girlfriend do I want to be?
  • When I take a moment to stop and reflect December 31st 2015, how will I describe myself and my love life/relationship?


If you’re married or in a relationship, ask yourself –

  • What do I want the experience of being in a relationship to be like?
  • What do I want to see more/less of in my relationship?
  • When I take a moment to stop and reflect December 31st 2015, how will I describe myself and my relationship?


If you’re really interested in creating the love life and relationship your heart desires in 2015, then you’ll want to join us for the Love Resolution Workshop that will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on January 24th as we work with you to complete 2014 powerfully, and create a new year, new life, new or renewed love, and a new YOU!

In this workshop, you will –

  • Identify and bring closure to the fears, resentments and regrets that have kept you from achieving your love and intimacy goals!
  • Create and declare a vision for what the relationship of your dreams will look like in 2015!
  • Identify the steps you need to take to make those dreams come true!


Whether you are single, married, or in a relationship, this interactive, inspiring and fun event is for every woman who is ready to make 2015 The Year of Love, Intimacy, and Dreams Come True!

Click here to register and learn more!

(P.S. We are already 50% sold out for this event!!!

So, if you want to attend and create an extraordinary love in 2015, register now, while you can still take advantage of Early Bird prices!)



Vulerability Opens the Doors of Your Heart

by Gladys Diaz


The other day, I had a meltdown… and not a little one, either! I had a full-blown meltdown at the bottom of the stairs in my home like I haven’t had in years!

I’d had a pretty busy day scheduled, and I ended up having to add two additional activities to my list – including having some materials printed that I’d stayed up all night creating, picking them up, and then braving a 3-hour round trip in rush hour traffic with my two kids to deliver the materials in time for an event.

As tired as I was, I was also feeling pretty proud of myself for having accomplished even the unexpected events with grace and ease. I proudly showed my husband the materials I’d had printed and, in less than 2 seconds, he noticed that I’d left out a critical piece of information! That was it – the proverbial last drop in my overflowing bucket! I crumpled into a puddle of tears at the bottom of my staircase, completely frustrated, and just sobbed.

Immediately, my husband rushed over to console me. He held me and, as he often does, began giving me solutions, offering ways in which I could “fix” the problem. Years ago, I would have gotten angry at him for trying to fix things. This time, all I could do was keep crying because none of the ideas he was offering sounded viable at that moment.

A few minutes later, my older son came over and held me in his arms. He reminded me that it wasn’t so bad and that I was a great mother. He said he was sorry I was so sad and that he wished he could fix the problem for me.

Once he went up the stairs, my little one came with tears in his eyes. Bravely, he said, “Mama, just think about all of the good things in your life and you’ll feel better.” Then he hugged me tightly and left the room.

As I sat there, still in tears, a smile made its way across my face.

See, my three guys aren’t used to seeing me in that state. Usually, I’m pretty positive, find ways to problem-solve, and am the one encouraging them.

On that day, however, they were there for me. Each of them, in his own way, gave me exactly what I needed – love and the belief that everything would be okay!

In the midst of my vulnerability, what was sparked in them was the desire to protect me and let me know that they were there for me.

You may believe, as many people do, that vulnerability is a sign weakness. You may see it as something that opens you up to being hurt by another. While that may be true in some instances, what vulnerability does is that it opens the doorway to intimacy. It allows others to connect with you in a way that simply isn’t possible when you’re being guarded and holding people at arms’ length.

For men, vulnerability ignites in them the desire to protect us. It has them step up and be our heroes. It allows them to connect with us on a real level – a gut level.

To be clear, vulnerability doesn’t mean you have to be in tears, like I was. It just means letting your guard down long enough to let someone in and be there for you. It means allowing him to see who you really are so that he can connect with you, because, without vulnerability, there is no room for intimacy.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that day – not because of all of the things that got accomplished or the things that went wrong. I think what I’ll always remember is how incredibly loved and cherished I felt on that day; how safe I felt knowing that my three guys were there for me; and how happy I felt knowing that, not only am I not doing so badly at this wife-and-mom-thing, but that my boys have an amazing example of how to be a loving man in their father.

And, when I think about all of these good things, as my little one suggested I do, all I feel is blessed!


Questions? Comments? Let us know below!  We love hearing from you!


What do you want for your love life?

by Gladys Diaz

This week has been full of those life-changing, heart-warming, vision-creating moments I absolutely love and live for!
I spent three days with my coach, my favorite colleagues, and hundreds of other people at an event that was all about creating and living your vision!
So, what does that have to do with you?Well, any time that I do any type of exercise around my goals, vision, or dreams, they include YOU!
Because almost every single one of those things including making a difference in your life!
See, Michelle and I have a vision – and it it’s a huge vision – that involves ensuring that every single woman on this planet experiences the joy of loving and being loved, cherished, and adored every single day of her life!
I told you it was a huge vision! And, it includes YOU!
That’s why, as we are planning what we are going to create and deliver to you in 2015, we need to hear from you!I was so inspired at the end of the first day of the event that I shot this quick video for you.
Just take just two minutes to watch it and then reply to this email with your answer to the two questions I ask in the video.
I promise we will read and respond to every single email, and we will make sure to create something for you that will fill your heart’s desires and take you and your love life to new levels!

You’re a huge part of our goals, visions, and dreams.
We want to help make your goals, visions and dreams a reality, too!
Watch this short video and hit  reply to send us a quick note with your answers!  We can’t wait to read them!
Let’s get started on making 2015 The Year of Love, Intimacy, and Dreams Come True for YOU!

Are you where you want to be?

by Gladys Diaz

fork-in-the-road_bingHave you ever had one of those moments when you feel like you are exactly where you were meant to be?

Last week was like that for me!

I spent the first part of the week in California with one of my mentors and her coaches, and then spent the last part of the week attending a very intensive 3-day business workshop where I had incredible personal breakthroughs.

I just love transformation, don’t you?

During both events, I had the opportunity to listen to amazing women share about their personal journeys of how they came to where they are now in their lives, relationships, and businesses.  With each interaction, I was able to connect with them on very personal level and share some of my heart with them, as well.

Some of the stories I heard this week were heart-breaking. 

I met women who had lost everything due to natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances and had to rebuild their lives. 

I spoke to women who had hit a wall in their love lives and, with coaching, were able to turn their relationships completely around.

I met women who are still experiencing the dark part of their journeys, but who were committed to working on transforming those areas of their lives.

I saw women break through their fears right in front of my very eyes!

All of these women – from different parts of the world, economic situations, and life circumstances – shared one thing in common: The unwillingness to stay stuck where they were.

Some may call that perseverance, tenacity, or determination.  I call it the Essence of who we are as women.

There is something that lies within the core of our Selves – some refer to it as our spirit, or soul – that we are equipped with, which makes us able to experience pain and resolve to move forward with grace and strength.

If you are in one of those dark moments in your life –

If your relationship is falling apart and you don’t know where or how to begin to turn it around…

If you are frustrated with dating and are close to wanting to give up (or you already have)…

If you are feeling lost, lonely, and afraid all the time and long to love and be loved…

I want you to know that you are not alone

No matter what it is you are going through, there is love, peace, and freedom on the other side of this!  It may not seem like it now, but I promise you – because I have been through my own dark valleys when it comes to love – that you can experience more love, joy, and fulfillment than you can imagine!

It will take some work to get there, and some of it won’t be “easy,” but, as I said, you won’t be alone.


As we approach the end of 2014, take an inventory of your love life.  Ask yourself:

  • Is my love life everything I want it to be?
  • Even if things are “good” or “okay,” is there another level of love and intimacy I’d like to discover?
  • If my love life is not what I want it to be, am I willing to take a courageous step forward and do the inner and outer Heart Work to shift that and begin seeing my heart’s desires fulfilled?

These are questions only you can answer.  Only you know what’s really going on in your heart.

Whatever your answers to these questions, I’m happy to help you walk through any of them, if you’re ready.  I truly am here to serve and support you, and my commitment is that you actually begin to see your heart’s desires fulfilled. Just click here to set up a time to talk.

The Irresistible Woman Seminar Registration

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The Irresistible Woman Seminar

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Embody the Essence of the Irresistible Woman!

Be Invincible in the Workplace and Simply Irresistible in Your Love Life!

Are you a powerful professional woman who wants to experience as much success in her love life as she does in her career?

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The Irresistible Woman 2-Day Seminar

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In this interactive, life-changing and fun workshop, you will:

  • Identify the behaviors and skills that work in the workplace but are blocking you from experiencing love, fun, and intimacy in your relationships.
  • Learn how to embody the Essence of the Irresistible Woman.
  • Create a plan of action for experiencing happiness, freedom, and as much – if not even more – success in your love life as you do in your professional life!

You don’t have to choose between being a successful and prosperous businesswoman and having an extraordinary loving relationship! 

You deserve and can have everything your heart desires!

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Are You Ready to Receive Your Blessings?

by Gladys Diaz


November is one of my favorite months of the year because it seems as if most of us are more present to the blessings we have in our lives. The more present we are to our blessings, the more gratitude we feel, the more we begin to see more of what we want in our lives. It’s pretty amazing the way that happens!

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that there is one thing in particular you desire to have more of in your life: LOVE!

Love is one of our purest and deepest desires because you are a loving being. You were made of love, to love, and for love. It’s simply who you are!

During the month of November, Michelle and I have partnered up with some amazing women who are just as committed as we are to guiding you to get more of what you want in your life! And, because we are all about you creating and experiencing the life and love your heart desires, we’re not keeping it only to attracting more romantic love into your life.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing opportunities for you to participate in both live and virtual events that will enable you to:

  • Access more of what you want through practicing gratitude on a daily basis
  • Manifest more abundance and success in all of the areas of your life
  • Create harmony between your professional, personal, and family life
  • End 2014 powerfully so that you can move into 2015 with grace, ease, and equipped to fulfill the desires of your heart


And, of course, we’ll continue to provide you with the tools, skills, and solutions that guide you toward creating the extraordinary life and love you desire and deserve!


Now, we intend to give to our hearts’ content, and we want you to prepare yourself to receive.

We realize that may sound strange, but the truth is that receiving – particularly when you are being given more than you feel you desire or deserve – can sometimes feel uncomfortable.

Rather than receiving the blessings coming to us, we tend to block or push them away out of guilt, fear, or habit.

That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself and your heart to receive!

Here are a few steps to help prepare yourself to receive all of the gifts, information, and invitations we will be sharing with you, along with the other blessings that are coming your way!

  1. Remember that you are worthy of every gift, offer of assistance, compliment, and smile you receive. You are a beautiful loving being, and, because of that, you attract beauty and love. So, if you begin to feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, or “weird” when you are begin given gifts of any kind, simply tell yourself: I am a beautiful, loving being, and I am worthy of all of the beauty and love I am attracting and receiving in my life!


  1. Remember that there are no strings attached to the gifts, offers, compliments, or smiles you receive. Part of what makes receiving difficult is that we somehow feel like we’ll owe the other person something of equal or greater value in return. That kind of thinking is associated with a feeling of unworthiness and keeps us from receiving what others freely want to give us. So, if you begin to feel those strings getting attached, cut them immediately by repeating the affirmation above, and add: I openly and willingly receive the loving gifts and gestures others freely give me.


  1. Remember to be grateful for everything! Whether you’re in a space right now where you feel like you don’t have enough of what you want or need, or you are relishing in a feeling of abundance, gratitude is the doorway to experiencing more happiness, peace, love, and everything else your heart desires. So, make it a practice to take just a few minutes each day to just take inventory of the blessings in your life and express gratitude for at least 5 things every day. You can write them down, or simply say them aloud or to yourself. However you choose to express it, just take a few moments at the beginning and end of each day to say, “I am grateful for…”


  1. Bonus: Remember to be grateful in anticipation of receiving what you want! One of my favorite practices of all time is expressing gratitude in anticipation of receiving what I want. After expressing thanks for the blessings that already surround me, I begin to express thanks for the blessings that are making their way to me. So, if you want to meet the man of your dreams, already give thanks for the fact that he is making his way to you. If you are married or in a relationship, express thanks for the love that is growing between the two of you and for all of the beautiful memories you will create together. If there is something you desire for your family, career, or business, give thanks in advance for those blessings that are being manifested. And, as you do this, allow yourself to actually feel and experience the love, happiness, freedom and peace in anticipation of receiving the blessing. I promise you, this will be life-changing!


If you practice these steps, you will begin to experience the joy of receiving. And, in doing so, you also give the people who are giving to you the joy of having their gift received and appreciated! It creates a beautiful cycle of giving, receiving, and appreciation that keeps growing and multiplying the blessings!

So, take a deep breath…

Open your heart…

And receive the love and blessings that are coming your way!

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Remember: Give thanks… Believe… Receive!


Questions? Comments? Let us know below! We love hearing from you!