What to Do After a Relationship Ends

by Gladys Diaz

I’m keeping this post short and sweet because we are on vacation and my kids are waiting for me to go do something fun! 

However, I just had to take a few minutes to write because I wanted to tell you about two things!

First, we just heard that we have another new bride!  That’s right, another one of our clients just got married this past weekend!  (It’s getting so that it’s hard to keep count!)

It’s so amazing to see her dreams coming true after all the years she questioned and wondered whether that day would ever come for her!

THIS is why Michelle and I do what we do. THIS is why we are so incredibly committed to you moving beyond all of your fears and excuses and just breaking through the BS that has you feeling like you are stuck where you are.  Because THIS is what’s possible for YOU when you do!

I want you to get really honest with yourself as you ask yourself these questions:

Is it really possible that there are “no good men” out there? 

Or is it more likely that you haven’t attracted the good man who is right for you yet?


Is it really true that you can’t get over your ex?

Or is it that you are so afraid of having your heart broken again that you’ll just stay stuck on him to avoid having to get out there, meet people, and open your heart to loving someone again?


Is it really that you are just so busy with your career or business, your travel schedule, going out with your friends, etc.?

Or is it that you are so terrified of failing at love that you’d rather tell yourself that you’re “okay,” your life is already great, and there’s no need or desire for you to share it with someone else?


Look, my job is not to make you feel badly about where you are in your life, because I do believe that you need to be happy on your own before you can attract someone who will add to that happiness. 

But here’s the deal. It’s NOT that there aren’t any good guys, it’s NOT that you can’t get over your ex, and it’s NOT that your life is already so busy and fulfilled that you feel you don’t need a man with whom to share it.

All that stuff is NOT what is keeping you stuck!

What’s keeping you stuck where you are is all the stuff you keep telling yourself so that you don’t have to take the steps you need to take to have the love you really want.

I get it.  I’m a successful woman, too, and I don’t like failing any more than you do.


However, I’d much rather take a risk than be a victim of my circumstances and cheat myself out of the possibility of having everything my heart desires. 


Because failing sucks, but it doesn’t suck nearly as much as regret, which is what you feel when you look back and see that the only thing that really stood in the way of having the love and life you wanted was YOU!


Starting Over When It's Over_7-22-15

So, just in case one of your “reasons” for not having the love you want is that you can’t seem to move on from your past breakup, I wanted to share with you the recording of a radio show we did a few weeks ago with our very good friend, Simone Kelly, of Own Your Power Radio.  The show was about “Starting Over When It’s Over,” and you’ll hear some great advice on the things you can do to move on after a breakup, divorce, or losing your partner.


Here’s my invitation:

  1. Answer the questions above (be honest with yourself).
  2. Listen to the radio show.
  3. Then respond to this email by letting us know that you are ready to have a conversation about moving on in a powerful way so that you can begin to have the love and happiness your heart desires! 

If you’re ready to start over, listen to our discussion and see which step you’re ready to take!


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How She Went from Heartbreak to Loving Again!

by Gladys Diaz


Nothing makes us happier than when we see one of our clients in a happy, loving relationship – especially when her belief when she started working with was that it would never happen for her!

This is what happened for our client, Melisa! Those of you who were on our list last year may have heard Melisa’s incredible coaching conversation with Michelle. Melisa had gotten out of a painful breakup with her boyfriend who had cheated on her and, a week later, was already with someone else.  She was feeling hurt and wondered if anyone would ever really love and accept her fully.

Melisa shared how she had a pattern of ignoring the red flags she saw early in relationships and attracting men who were liars, cheaters, and unavailable to be in a relationship with her, leading her to repeatedly experience heartache and pain.

What Melisa discovered during her session with Michelle was that she was playing a very real and active role in perpetuating this vicious cycle. She uncovered the limiting beliefs that were having her attract men who would not love and accept her, and it all began with the way she saw and was relating to herself because of her physical disability.

During the session, Michelle said the words to Melisa, “The good news is that, if you created all of that, you can create something else… Something authentic, true, and bigger than the disability you were born with, because you are so much more than that!”

Well, we’re happy to say that Melisa listened, not only to Michelle, but to her heart, and, after working with us last year, she is now in a very happy and loving relationship!

And she’ll be sharing more about the steps she took to attract new love into her life on the  “Ready to Love Again: Moving Beyond Heartache to Your Heart’s Desires” Webinar on Monday, July 20th!

Hearts desire cover-01

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Join us on Monday night to hear the steps Melisa took to break free from her old familiar patterns and attract a man who is not only available but loves and accepts her exactly the way she is!

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How Do I Let Go of a Past Relationship?

by Gladys Diaz

Lately, I’ve been getting emails and and having conversations with women from women around the world who are asking a similar question.

Whenever I receive 3 or more questions on the same topic, I believe it’s because there are many more women out there experiencing the same issue.

The question I keep getting is:

“How do I get over a past relationship so that I can be ready to love again?”

In today’s video, I give you some tips on how to let go of a past relationship so that you can welcome new love into your life.

I also make 2 very important invitations, so make sure you click on the image below to check them out!


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You Deserve Love and Happiness, Too!

by Gladys Diaz

Wedding Kiss_web2

Today is such a happy day!  Ric and I are celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary!

This morning, he called me over to the stairs so that we could watch our boys playing together.  I looked over at him and said, “We made that!”  It was such an intimate moment!

He hugged me, and, when we finished hugging, I noticed we were standing in front of our wedding photo.

Looking at how happy we looked in that picture had so many memories start floating through my head!

I remember asking myself that night, “Is this really happening?  Is this dream really coming true?”

See, before meeting Ric, I was flat out heartbroken.  The pain I felt after losing my first husband was so deep and so overwhelming that I could physically feel it at time.

I was so lost in the heartache that I seriously wondered whether I would ever be able to laugh or smile again.

And I honestly believed that I would never be able to stop loving my first husband and open my heart to loving someone again.

To me, he had been my “The One,” and, with him gone, I felt like all of my hopes and dreams, as well as my chances at having a lifetime love had died with him.

I was terrified that I’d feel that pain and loneliness for the rest of my life, and I simply could not bear it!

I was convinced that I would be alone for the rest of my life.

As a smart and intelligent woman, I pride myself on being right a lot of the time, but I have to tell you that I’m so glad I was wrong!

Once I began doing my inner work, dealing powerfully with my fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs, I was able to break through them and attract the most loving, amazing, generous man into my life!

Had I held on to those fears and doubts, I would have stayed stuck in my misery, holding on to my heartache and pain, and cheated myself out of having more love and happiness in my life than I could have ever dreamed was possible!

And, I want the same level of love and heartache-free joy for you, too!

That’s why I am so excited about the the “Ready to Love Again: Moving Beyond Heartache to Your Heart’s Desires” Webinar Michelle and I are hosting on Monday, July 20th at 9:00pm ET!

In this webinar, we are going to show you how to break free from heartache so that you can welcome love back into your heart and life!

If you’ve been holding onto a past or dead-end relationship, unable to let go of the man you thought was you’re “The One”…

If you’ve been trying to get out there and meet someone but you just can’t seem to find anyone who compares to the man you loved…

And, if you’re tired of feeling lonely and hopeless about your chances of finding the love of your life…

…you need to be there!


In this webinar you will learn:

  • What makes it difficult to move beyond the heartache of a breakup
  • The steps you can take to move beyond your heartache and toward a new future
  • How to begin attracting new love into your life NOW!


To participate, simply click here to register and we’ll send you an email with the webinar details.


If you’re tired of feeling heartbroken and you’re ready to break free from the past and welcome love in, then make sure you attend the “Ready to Love Again: Moving Beyond Heartache to Your Heart’s Desires” Webinar on Monday, July 20th!


If I hadn’t let go of my heartache, it would have robbed me of the happiness I feel today as I celebrate 15 years of loving, being loved, and being blissfully married to Ric.

You deserve to be this happy, too, and this webinar could be the answer you’ve been hoping and praying for!

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P.S. I know you’re afraid.  I know you’re doubtful. I’m asking you trust us.

Let us show you how to leave your heartache behind!

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How a Dark Night Turned Into a Dream Come True!

by Gladys Diaz


I was in a very dark place in my life…

16 years ago tonight, I was in a very dark space.

I had finally started getting to the place where I felt I could at least start going out to meet people. I didn’t feel ready to fall in love, but I did want to stop feeling the sadness and loneliness I’d felt since my husband had passed away.

There was one guy I knew who I’d been talking on the phone with. We’d gone out with a group once and then went out on a date, but he was very clear that he did not want to be in a relationship. I told him I felt the same way, but, as the weeks went on, I found myself calling him when he didn’t call me and leaving voicemail messages, texting him, and constantly trying to get on his radar (all the mistakes I now teach women to avoid making)!

We were supposed to go out one Friday night (I had asked him out!) and, when I hadn’t heard from him for several days, I decided on Friday morning that I’d been stood up.

All of my fears and insecurities around ever being able to love and be loved again came rushing to the surface. I cried until my eyes hurt and just kept repeating, “This is why it’s just better for me to be alone.”

Thankfully, my best friend was NOT going to leave me in that space, and she invited me to go out dancing that evening.

I decided that dancing with her was better than being in my small apartment alone, so we went out dancing.

Right before we walked in, I decided, “I’m just going to have FUN! I’m not going to think about him or about how hurt I feel. I really just want to have fun!”

And, my goodness, did I have fun!

I danced with everyone who asked me to. I probably danced with at least 12 different guys.

All except the one guy who kept staring at me from the DJ booth.

He was so cute and just kept bobbing his head to the music while holding his Corona.

We kept catching one another’s eyes, smile, and then I’d go back to dancing.

Long story short, right as I was getting ready to leave the bar, our eyes locked and he nodded his head for me to come over.

I was not about to walk across a dance floor to talk to some guy (!), so I mocked him and made the same gesture to him with my head. And he came over!

We talked for several hours and he asked me for my number (I was too scared to give him my cell phone number, so I gave him the number to my work pager number! Oy!)

I gave him a hug as he left and could not stop smiling.

I didn’t know that evening that he would call me the next day one minute after getting out of work.

I didn’t know that evening that we’d go out on our first date a couple of days later.

And I surely didn’t know that night that we’d be married a year later!

All I knew was that I was grateful that I hadn’t let the unhappiness of one moment stop me from allowing myself to experience a fun evening that, had I stayed home, could have resulted in me never having met him!

I don’t know what painful situation you’ve been through or are going through.

I don’t know why you’ve held on to a dead-end relationship or a broken heart for so long.

I don’t know why you won’t do what it takes to break through that pain and fear so that you can experience love again.

What I do know is that, unless something changes, nothing will change! You’ll keep feeling sad, hurt, and hopeless, and, meanwhile, be missing out on the opportunity to experience the love of a lifetime.

I also know that we can help you get to the other side of pain and suffering so that you can begin feeling the love and happiness you desire and deserve.

So, what can you do about it?

  1. Be real with yourself about the fact that, right now, you are the one standing in your own way. Whatever happened in the past has already happened. It is not happening right now. The only thing happening right now is whatever choices you are making that are stopping you from releasing yourself from the past so that you can experience love NOW!


  1. Write down a description of what it is you want to experience in a romantic relationship. And as you write it, believe it! For example: “I want a, fun, loving, passionate relationship where I feel completely loved and accepted for who I am!” Include the words that matter most to you in your description (love, trust, acceptance, honesty, etc.) and be really detailed in describing how you want to feel!


  1. Write down three steps you can take to begin moving in the direction of creating this type of relationship.
  • Do you need to create and post an online profile?
  • Do you need to get out of your house and actually start meeting people?
  • Do you need to apologize to your boyfriend or husband for something you’ve been doing that has been negatively impacting your relationship so that you can begin experiencing love and intimacy again?

Be clear in the action steps you are going to take and then give yourself a deadline on your calendar by when you will take each step.


Now, I get that it’s not always easy to do this kind of work yourself. You may feel like you’re not sure what to write or what’s standing in your way. You also may need someone to help hold you accountable so that you will actually do what you say you’re going to do.

That’s where we come in!

Now, this is my anniversary weekend, so I’m taking the weekend off, but I do have some spots open on my calendar for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

If you’d like to schedule time to talk on either of those days, go ahead and click the link below and schedule a time to talk. (Act fast, my calendar fills up quickly!)

And, since you have to wait a few of days before you can speak to me, I’ll send you a little something you can use between now and our call!

Click here to schedule time to talk!

I had no way of knowing 16 years ago that my life was going to change forever! There was no way I could have known that I was about to enter into my own love story of a lifetime!

I want the same for you! If you’re ready to take the first step toward your love story of a lifetime, click below, and let’s talk!

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How “Comfortable” Are You, Really?

by Gladys Diaz



This past week has been one of those lesson-learning not-so-comfortable weeks


You know… the kind of week that pretty much changes


Not only was my oldest son was a way at summer camp, several states away from me, for a whole week, but I also could not communicate with him to make sure that he was


As I’ve mentioned before, my son has Autism, so I really had to surrender and have faith that he would be able to deal all of the things that were so far outside of his comfort zone (and mine!), like not knowing what was going to be served for meals, sleeping in a tent during the thunderstorms that came through at night, and facing his fear of spiders and


When I saw my son step out of the bus on Saturday night, it took everything in the world for me not to lose it!  I felt so much joy and relief!  He was in one piece, smiling, looked like he’d matured 5 years, and all he wanted to do was hug


Yes, there were “horror stories” of spiders and bugs and rain and mud, but, overall, he had a good time, he asked for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when he didn’t like the food being served, tried to keep the bugs away from him with repellent, and he said he was so tired he slept through the


As uncomfortable and unfamiliar as it all felt for him, he got through it (and so did


What this week taught me is that, even though things may be scary and uncomfortable – and way out of your comfort zone – it’s only when you step outside of our comfort zone that you can



Think about it.

The results that you have today are the results you’ve been able to produce from inside of your comfort zone.


The relationships you’ve had (or not had) the experiences you’ve created, and the current state of your love life were all produced inside of your comfort zone.

The comfort zone keeps you feeling “safe.”  It has you make predictable choices.  It doesn’t ask you to risk too much, because that would feel uncomfortable.


The truth is, however that the results you really want can’t be produced inside of your comfort zone. 


If you want to change your current situation, you’re going to have to be willing to step beyond what feels safe and comfortable and take a risk.

You’re going to have to be willing to let go of the familiar patterns and behaviors that have been keeping you stuck and feeling hopeless and alone.

You’re going to need to make a change.


And, yes, it’s going to feel scary. 

And, no, there are no guarantees.


On the other hand, the only guarantee inside of your comfort zone is that you’ll continue making the same choices, getting the same results, and having the same painful experiences you’ve been having.


Imagine for a second what you’d be able to do if you stepped outside of your comfort?

What would be possible for you?


If you’re really ready to step outside of your comfort zone, but you’re not sure how, go ahead and click on the link below to set up a time to talk. I’ve got just a few spots available for next week, so make sure you click below and schedule time now!

<<Click here to set up a time to talk>>

On this call I promise to help you create a plan for stepping outside of this comfort zone so that you can begin to move past whatever has been stopping you in having the kind of loving relationship you want!


No more “being comfortable,” but not getting what you want. 

No more pretending you’re okay with the status quo when you know you want more!

It’s time to step outside your comfort zone and get the love you want!

No matter where you are right now, if it’s not where you want to be in terms of being in the loving relationship your heart desires, then I’m going to encourage you to take a step outside of your comfort zone, and click on the link below!

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How can I break through my love barriers and attract new and extraordinary love?

14 lets be in love_bing

Are you tired of feeling lonely, frustrated, and hopeless about love and relationships? 


What if you could learn the skills to attracting and creating the kind of love and romance your heart truly desires?

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How can I break through my love barriers and attract new and extraordinary love? (Very Special Offer!)

Still have a question you’d like answered?  

Why am I the one responsible for attracting love?

frustrated woman_bing

Are your unsuccessful experiences with dating and relationships making you want to give up?

Are you beginning to wonder whether there is something wrong with you or the men you keep attracting?

Before you can attract the right person for you, you need to figure out what’s been standing in the way of attracting him into your life. 

If this statement upsets you or makes you ask, “Why am I the one who has to change?  Why is it all up to me?  Isn’t it about the men, too?”  then listen to the clip below, where we explain why the good news is that it is up to you, because that means you’re in 100% control of attracting and creating the relationship of your dream!

How come I’m the one who is attracting the wrong person? Isn’t it about the men, too?

Still have a question you’d like answered?  

How can I break the patterns that keep sabotaging my relationships?


Are there patterns that keep showing up in your relationships?

  • Dating unfaithful or unavailable men?
  • Short-lived romances that end after a few dates?
  • Getting emotionally attached too quickly to a man?
  • Having sex too early in a relationship?


Knowing that there is a pattern is only the first step in possibly breaking through it.  To truly break through a pattern, you need to know how to distinguish and dismantle the pattern!

In the recording below, you can go through an exercise to identify one of your patterns and listen in on a live coaching session with a participant on our “Love Breakthrough” Live Q&A Call.  You’ll also learn the steps you can take to break through your own self-sabotaging patterns once and for all!


How can I break the patterns that keep sabotaging my relationships? (Exercise and Live Coaching Session)

Still have a question you’d like answered?