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How to Get Ready to Love Again

by Gladys Diaz   I have to tell you that you have been on my mind constantly lately.  I keep thinking about how important your love life is for you and how much you want to feel the love, happiness, and intimacy your heart desires. If you’ve been reading some of our emails lately – […]

How Your Thoughts Are Impacting More Than Your Love Life

by Gladys Diaz   Happy weekend!   I’ve been fighting off a bad cold this week, but I wanted to shoot a follow-up video to the one I sent you last week, because we got such great responses from it! This week, we’re taking a look at how the thoughts that are stopping you from […]

What Are You Telling Yourself About Love?

by Gladys Diaz   This morning I had one of those “a-ha!” insight moments while I was running that I just had to share with you! I saw something for myself that I believe will make a difference for you when it comes to love and relationships, so I shot a really quick video right […]

Take Your Heart Back to School!

by Gladys Diaz Today is the first day of school for my kids and I’m really missing them!  The house seems so quiet, and I find myself counting down the hours to when I can go pick them up! As much as I would have liked summer to have lasted a little longer, I’m also […]

Are You Cheating Yourself Out of Feeling Loved?

by Gladys Diaz   I recently got back from a week-long vacation with my family, and I learned a lot of interesting things about myself while on this trip. During the trip, I made a commitment to let go of control. I’ve been working pretty hard since last November, and I just wanted to relax.  I […]

The KEY to Having the Love You Want!

by Gladys Diaz   If you have been reading our emails lately, you know that we are getting ready to start the Ready to Love Again program – the program that is designed to have you get ready to attract extraordinary love into your life!  The first session of the program is tomorrow, Tuesday, August […]

How to “Short-Circuit” Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns

by Gladys Diaz Few things can be more detrimental to relationships than dysfunctional patterns.  Repeating the same painful experiences over and over again can be exhausting and can make you believe that perhaps there’s nothing you can do to change the results you keep producing! Learning how to end dysfunctional patterns is one of the […]

What to Do After a Relationship Ends

by Gladys Diaz I’m keeping this post short and sweet because we are on vacation and my kids are waiting for me to go do something fun!  However, I just had to take a few minutes to write because I wanted to tell you about two things! First, we just heard that we have another new […]

She Broke Through Her Fears and Attracted New Love!

by Gladys Diaz I just finished doing a wonderful meditation that was has really inspired me to take a step I’ve been resisting taking for a while.     It’s not that I didn’t know what step to take. It’s not that I felt I couldn’t or wasn’t capable of taking the step.   The […]

How She Went from Heartbreak to Loving Again!

by Gladys Diaz Nothing makes us happier than when we see one of our clients in a happy, loving relationship – especially when her belief when she started working with was that it would never happen for her! This is what happened for our client, Melisa! Those of you who were on our list last […]