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How to Make Changes “Stick”!

by Gladys Diaz I’m writing to this post right after going for a run… A real run! What I mean is that, lately, I’ve been sort-of-kind-of-running, which means I’ve been walking  a lot more than running during my 5K runs (and that’s on the days that I actually get out there).  This past Monday, however, I finally got real with myself about […]

Are YOU the Secret to His Success?

by Gladys Diaz This month I have had the privilege of attending two informative and inspiring business conferences especially for women. Usually, at these events, the majority of the speakers are women who have reached high levels of success, so I was pleasantly surprised and excited to hear from five multimillionaire men who were sharing […]

What Does “True Success” Mean to You?

by Gladys Diaz This weekend I attended a very powerful UN-Conference hosted by the Women’s Prosperity Network and there was a question that kept being asked all weekend long: What does “success” mean to YOU? When most people think about success, they think about the goals they have achieved, how much money they are making, […]

What to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

by Gladys Diaz Have you ever felt like something is just too hard and it’s time to give up – even when it’s something you really want or believe in, like a dream or a goal you’ve been working on for some time? Many times, when I’m on my runs, I tell myself I’m not […]

Happy New Year (Again)!

by Gladys Diaz This week marks the official end of summer and start of the new school year for kids around the country.  Each fall I’m reminded of how much I used to love this time of year when I was a teacher. See, as teachers and students, we get the opportunity to start fresh and set […]

In Loving Memory

by Gladys Diaz   I’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to write this post, and I decided that, since it’s been on my mind so much, I need to. Last Friday I attended the funeral of one of my very first clients. She was a young, vibrant woman who was into […]

Success Secrets in Life and Love!

by Gladys Diaz   In June I had the opportunity to be interviewed by friend and colleague, Gina Hussar.  She was hosting The “IT” Factor Master Class I invited you to attend.  The other day, as I was listening to the recording of the interview, I thought, “Everyone in our community needs to hear this! I […]

Your Attitude Determines Your Experience

by Gladys Diaz I’m sitting here, writing from our vacation home, feeling happy, relaxed, and so blessed!  The cruise I had been Hopefully Anticipating* was a dream-come-true for all of us, and we had a wonderful time! Aside from all of the fun family things we did with the kids, Ric and I took advantage […]

A POWER-FULL Conversation About Relationships!

by Gladys Diaz   The other day, Michelle and I had a very powerful interview with Bill Weil for his “Conscious Couples Conversation” program.   In this interview, we dove deep and talking about some of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to relationships, including: The higher purpose of relationships The difference between […]

What are you hopefully anticipating?

by Gladys Diaz I could barely concentratethis week, because I am so in vacation mode!  We are about to leave on the cruise I’ve been hoping  and waiting to go on for years, and then taking another week of vacation.  Needless to say, I have been having a very hard time focusing on anything else but the fun I hope to have with my […]