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How “Comfortable” Are You, Really?

by Gladys Diaz   This past week has been one of those lesson-learning not-so-comfortable weeks   You know… the kind of week that pretty much changes   Not only was my oldest son was a way at summer camp, several states away from me, for a whole week, but I also could not communicate with him […]

How can I break through my love barriers and attract new and extraordinary love?

Are you tired of feeling lonely, frustrated, and hopeless about love and relationships?    What if you could learn the skills to attracting and creating the kind of love and romance your heart truly desires? If you are ready to break through your love barriers and finally experience the happiness and love you have always […]

Why am I the one responsible for attracting love?

Are your unsuccessful experiences with dating and relationships making you want to give up? Are you beginning to wonder whether there is something wrong with you or the men you keep attracting? Before you can attract the right person for you, you need to figure out what’s been standing in the way of attracting him […]

How can I break the patterns that keep sabotaging my relationships?

Are there patterns that keep showing up in your relationships? Dating unfaithful or unavailable men? Short-lived romances that end after a few dates? Getting emotionally attached too quickly to a man? Having sex too early in a relationship?   Knowing that there is a pattern is only the first step in possibly breaking through it.  […]

How can I get a man to be attracted to me again?

You know he’s a great match for you, but he’s lost interest and you want to know how to “get him back”! This can lead you to put yourself in the position of pursuing a man, rather than being pursued by him.  And why is it that you want to be with a man who […]

How do I know which man to choose?

  Dating more than one man at a time is a great way to avoid getting too quickly attached to a man. It’s also a great way to determine if the man you are choosing to spend more time with is the right one for you.  Click below to hear how we answered a reader’s […]

How can I relax when a man who is attracted to me approaches me?

  Not knowing how to feel confident when flirting and dating men can send the signal, “I’m not approachable” or “I’m not interested.”  Click below to hear how we answered one of our reader’s questions about how to relax when a man who she finds attractive approaches her. How can I relax when a man […]

We’ve got the answers to your top questions about love!

by Gladys Diaz     The weekend is upon us and we know it can be a tough time when you’re single or unhappy in love. We also know that being single is just temporary when you have the skills that can help you break through your love barriers and begin attracting the kind of […]

Another Relationship Dream Come True!

by Gladys Diaz   When Jeanie first came to work with us, she was an incredibly successful woman in a high-powered, high-paying job that allowed her to live a life of luxury – traveling and vacationing wherever she wanted, dining in fine restaurants, living in her dream apartment.  She was “living the dream.” Except for one […]

Do you trust yourself when it comes to love?

by Gladys Diaz   Last night was rough.  We dropped my older son off at Church and I watched him leave on a big white bus without me – for a week! Now, I know that there are millions of parents out there doing the same thing this summer. And I know he’ll have fun. […]